Davis College strives to create a safe, respectful, encouraging and caring school community where the needs of each student are catered for. It is essential that all students feel they are valued members of that community, a community where they can develop their talents and pursue their goals as they grow into young adults. A number of key structures are present to ensure this is the case:

Career Guidance and Counselling: Two full time Guidance Counsellors are available in the College. Students are fully supported and guided in relation to accessing information about third-level courses that may be of relevance to them. In addition, the Guidance Counsellors are on hand to meet with students on an individual basis as required. 

Home-School-Community-Liaison (HSCL): The College has a dedicated HSCL Coordinator who supports students and ensures effective communication between parents and the College so that the student’s learning experience can be enhanced. Parents can contact the HSCL teacher on issues relevance to their children’s progress at school.The HSCL Coordinator can call to homes if necessary. 

School Completion Programme (SCP): The SCP programme provides additional practical supports for students, including Breakfast Club, after-school refreshments, and homework and study clubs.  Summertime leisure activities and occasional treats e.g. ‘pizza and movie nights’ are also organised to affirm and reward hard working students.  

Class Teacher: Students are placed in a class group which is overseen by a designated Class Teacher.  This Teacher is the student’s first point of contact in the school and forms a special relationship with the class group. They are on hand to assist pupils throughout their school life should any difficulty arise. The Class teacher will also monitor the student’s progress in the College.    

Year Head: A Year Head has overall responsibility for a year group. They endeavor to get to know each student and work closely with Class Teachers. They are responsible for supporting students and also for ensuring discipline throughout the year. They liaise closely with the other support personnel including the Principal and Deputy Principal. They too have a key role in monitoring the academic progress of students.

Special Educational Needs (SEN) department: Davis College retains a very dedicated SEN team who work hard with students identified as needing extra support in certain areas.  This team works with parents to formulate action plans for such students and manages extra resources to enable students to boost academic performance. 

Buddy System:  The “Buddy System” is a system where each incoming First Year is befriended by a Transition Year/Fifth Year Student whose role is to help ease the transition from Primary to Secondary School. A series of events Regular events and meetings take place during September and October.

Student Council: Davis College has its own student council where representatives from the various class groups can discuss issues of concern to students. The Council allows the students to have an input into decisions that affect their lives.