This page will be used to display information relating to examinations being undertaken in the school.

State exams 2020

June Exams

Leaving Cert Timetables.pdf

LCA Timetables.pdf

Junior Cert Timetables.pdf

Further information relating to all aspects of the state examinations can be found at the State Examinations https://www.examinations.ie/

Oral Examinations:

Irish/Russian/Japanese Oral Exams: Week of March 23rd - 27th

French/German/Italian/Spanish: Week of March 30th - April 3rd

Practical Examinations 2020

Timetable for these examination is currently not available from the State Examinations Commission but they have indicated that it is likely these exams will take place after Easter

Examination Grades and Points guide LC-points.png

Points calculator 2019: https://careersportal.ie/courses/calculator/pointsCalculator.html#/

Class Based Assessments for 3rd Year students

In 2nd year and 3rd year, students complete Class based assessments which are tasks such as presentations, projects, collection of work etc. There are four potential grades, Yet to meet expectation, In line with Expectation, Above Expectation and Exceptional. These results will appear on the student's Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement. CBA timetable is available here CBA Planner 1.pdf

For more information on Class Based Assessments Class Based Assessments

Assessment Tasks for 3rd Years

Assessment tasks in English/Business/Science/French and German are due to take place before March 15th. Some or all of these will be completed in the weeks January 6th -17th.

School Exams

Pre exams 2019-20

Weeks of January 20th 2020 to January 30th 2020

Junior Cert. Pre Exam Timetable.docx

LeavingCert. Pre Exam Timetable.docx

LCA Pre Timetable.docx

Summer Exams 2020

1st/5th - Formal exams in the week beginning May 27th 2020

As per Department of Education Instructions, 2nd Year exams will not take place in any subject in which a CBA has been completed

Transition Year - In class exams in the weeks of May 4th to Wednesday May 20th

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