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Weekly Student Progress Card

The weekly progress card is a new initiative in Davis College which is central to our drive for academic attainment. The following is how the system works:

  • At the beginning of each week, every student in the college is issued a progress card.
  • The progress card lists the full range of subjects on the curriculum for each year group.. The card for each year group will have a different colour.
  • Next to each subject listed are spaces for teachers to enter a single digit (1-5), which registers the teacher’s view of student progress for the week in that subject. The focus is on such important student qualities as work ethic, commitment, level of interest and effort at class work and homework.
  • There are also additional optional codes to register teachers’ views of other areas of importance e.g. deportment, behaviour, etc. Finally, there is a column for the teacher’s signature.
  • The student will be responsible for bringing the card to the subject teacher on the last class period of the week in question. When the teacher fills in the space on the card, it will be returned to the student. At the end of the last class on Friday, the cards will be collected.
  • Year heads/ assistant year heads will consider which students require most attention for unacceptable level of performance, or which students’ deserve affirmation for positive feedback.
  • At the Pastoral Care class each week, the card for the previous week will be returned to the student so that it can be brought home for parents’ attention.
  • Parents should retain the cards so that they can monitor their children’s progress and development over the course of the academic year.


This initiative means that parents have weekly updates on their children’s level of performance in school for every subject. Few schools in Ireland can claim to have such high levels of communication with parents on their children’s progress. The system also acts as an incentive for students to strive for higher levels of performance each week so that they can attain positive feedback.


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