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Assessment and Feedback

  • A variety of assessment arrangements are in place in Davis College to ensure that teachers can gauge the extent of student learning and also offer feedback and advice to students on how to improve aspects of their learning, or to affirm work that is well done.
  • Teachers regularly engage in assessment for learning, which is centred on giving students feedback to inform their future progress, and assessment of learning, which is based on grading students’ work according to marking schemes.
  • Teachers regularly offer informal, comment-based feedback on students’ work in class, and may write comments and suggestions on students’ work.
  • Subject teachers regularly assign class tests at different stages of the year, normally following completion of particular modules or units of work
  • Formal assessments are held at mid-term, Christmas and summer for students that are not sitting state examinations. Written reports are issued to parents/ guardians at these times.
  • Students sitting examinations also take mid-term and Christmas examinations, as well as mock examinations in the spring term.
  • Formal parent-teacher meetings are held at regular intervals in the school year. Parents/ guardians are free to make appointments with subject teachers, class teachers or year heads at any time if they wish to discuss their child’s progress.


Research by such prominent international educationalists as John Hattie and Geoff Pettey indicates that regular feedback to students on their work, which affirms success and points to steps that can be taken for further success, can have the impact of an improvement of two grades in the student’s examination achievement.


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