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Mission Statement

 Educate that you may be Free’.


 Ethos & Characteristic Spirit


We, in Davis College, in partnership with our Trustees, B.O.M., Staff, Students, Parents and the wider Community aim to provide a quality, holistic and inclusive education.

The College promotes a safe, orderly, caring and supportive environment in which our students can fulfill their potential in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

We draw inspiration and guidance from the words of Thomas Davis: “Educate that you may be free”.

Davis College Key Issues & Policies



-              ADMISSIONS POLICY






Davis College, under the aegis of County Cork V.E.C. – trustees of this college – promotes the characteristic spirit and mission statement of County Cork V.E.C.


  • Characteristics Spirit


  • Mission Statement


In accordance with the requirements of Education Act 1998 Part IV Board of Management Section 15 2 (d) and the functions entrusted to the Board of Management by the Act(s)


Davis College  publishes the enclosed policy documents

  1. (a)Admissions Policy 
  1. (b)Suspension & Expulsion – Grievance & other procedures


Admissions Policy



“It is the legal obligation on the school’s Board of Management to publish, in such manner as the board with agreement of the patron considers appropriate, the policy of the school concerning admission to and participation in the school, including the policy of the school relating to the expulsion and suspension of students and admission to and participation by students with disabilities or who have other special educational needs, and ensure that as regards that policy principles of equality and the right of parents to send their children to a school of the parents’ choice are respected to the characteristic spirit of the school and the constitutional rights of all persons concerned, are complied with”.  (Educational Act Part IV Section 15 2 (D)).  



The Board of Management consulted the relevant partners in education – students, parents, teachers of college in the preparation of this document and submitted the final draft document to County Cork V.E.C.



Davis College welcomes application for admission from all students.



Date for receipt of applications to enrol will be notified through the press, and through local and national schools. 

Parents / students completed applications will be processed and they will be notified accordingly within 4 weeks of this date.


3.1 A Criteria for admissions for Incoming First Year Students: 

(a)     They will have reached 12 years of age on or before the 1st of January in the calendar year following the students’ entry into 1st year.  Parents / Guardians must provide Birth Certificates.  They will have completed sixth class in the Primary School, or a recognised equivalent.  A relevant report from the Primary School where necessary will be presented to the school.

(b)     All students, together with their parents / guardians must be willing to accept the enclosed school’s code of behaviour and indicate by their signatures their willingness to abide by it.

(c)      Parents / Guardians will be requested to attend Parent Teacher Meetings.  If this proves inconvenient they will meet at another mutually agreeable time.

(d)     Furnish a telephone number where parental / guardian contact can be guaranteed in the event of School Management needing to make contact.



In such event, priority or a lottery will take place. 


 Where a student from another post-primary school requests a transfer to Davis College the following procedures will be followed:- 

(a)     The student, accompanied by parents / guardians is required to meet with the Principal, Deputy Principal or Assistant Principal to discuss the reasons for the students’ request to transfer.

(b)     The student will be required to give a forthright explanation as to why he/she has left the previous school and state clearly and unambiguously whether or not he/she was expelled or requested to leave.  The student will be required to provide 2 written references and a progress report from the Principal / Deputy Principal of the previous school.

(c)      If accepted at Davis College the student will be required to:

*        Complete a transfer application form which is then considered by the B.O.M. at their next meeting.

*        With his / her parents / guardians be willing to accept the school’s code of behaviour and indicate by their signatures their willingness to abide by it.

(d)     Transfer of a student will be granted subject to availability of a place in a relevant class and to suitable subject choices being available.


Applicants who wish to repeat their Leaving Certificate year will be interviewed by the Principal, Deputy Principal or Assistant Principals to assess their suitability for the course.  This applies to students who have completed their Leaving Certificate course at this school as well as those students who might wish to transfer from another school.

Places will be allocated subject to availability and suitability of students’ subject choices.  The full transfer procedure in Section 4 (above) will apply to students coming from another school.

Preference will be given to students who have completed their course and sat their Leaving Certificate in the school.

6.       PLC COURSES

 Applicants satisfying the minimum course requirements in the Leaving Certificate Examinations will be invited to attend for an interview and / or aptitude test in September.  Certain courses do not require minimum requirements in the Leaving Certificate if applicants are deemed mature students (aged 23 years or more).

Applicants for certain courses may be required to submit a portfolio of work as part of the course entry requirements.

The Board of Management may cancel a class if in its opinion; it is not a viable class on the 30th September of each year or on a date prior to the actual document of the course.



 The education Act – 1998 covers special educational needs of students with disabilities and also those of students with exceptional ability.

This policy addresses the needs of students with physical and / or learning disabilities.  The college welcomes applications from students with special educational needs.  This policy provides for inclusion of students with learning disabilities in our mainstream school.  The principles of inclusivity and integration underpin the admission policy of SEN students in this college.

The needs of the said students will be as assessed by the college and application will be made for provision of the requisite resources by the Department of Education and Science e.g. specialised staff, equipment, special needs assistant, furniture, transport, etc.

Parents of Special Educational Needs Students will be requested to provide a copy of the students’ reports, educational, medical and psychological.  If the student has not been assessed, written consent of the parents for their son / daughter to undergo a psychological test will be required.

Deferred Enrolments

Commencement of an educational programme and attendance at the school for a student with special education needs will be subject to the availability of the requisite resources at the school for the appropriate education programme of the student relevant to his / her disability or special needs, and the support services required.

It may be necessary to defer commencement of an educational programme and attendance at the school pending receipt of the resources required for the special education needs of the student. 

In such circumstances, the school will make every effort to make arrangements for any compensatory programme, which will be required so that the student can benefit fully from the programme of education to be provided at the school.

Reserved Rights of the Board to refuse enrolement

The board of management reserves the right to refuse an application to enrol, in the school, where in the opinion of the board, adequate physical accommodation is not available for the applicant. 

The board of management reserves the right to refuse application to enrol in the school where, in the opinion of the board, a decision to enrol would constitute a risk to the health and safety of other students enrolled.

The board of management reserves the right to refuse application to enrol in the school where, in the opinion of the board, the school programme is unsuitable to the educational needs of the student and alternative suitable arrangements for an appropriate programme cannot reasonably be made at the school. 

The board of management reserves the right to refuse application to enrol where, in the opinion of the board, a decision to enrol would clearly have a demonstrable negative impact on the capacity of the school to deliver programmes to other students and alternative arrangements cannot reasonably be made at the school. 

The board of management reserves the right to refuse or defer enrolment in the school where it is not satisfied that it has sufficient information to make an informed decision on the educational needs of the student.

Suspensions Expulsions Grievances and other procedures.

 Davis College will follow the grievance and other procedures as outlined in the Educational Act 1998.  Sections 28 and 29.  Copies enclosed in appendix.

“The parent of the student or in the case of a student, who has reached the age of 18 years is hereby notified of their statutory right to appeal the decision of the board – or its designated nominee, the Principal of Davis College and of County Cork V.E.C. in the first instance and thereafter to the Secretary General of The Department of Education and Science as per section 29 (1) of Education Act.






























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