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Pastoral Care

Pastoral care refers to the care a school exercises for a student’s well-being as a growing person. At Davis College, the pastoral care of students is of prime importance.


We believe in fostering a cohesive, holistic approach which aims to cater for the development of each student’s personal, social, spiritual, academic and physical welfare. Indeed, the school is committed to the maintenance of a close, supportive community in which pastoral care is fully integrated into the school’s daily routines, its curriculum and its extra-curricular activities.


  Pastoral care happens within formal structures, but also informally. At Davis College, teachers are open and approachable. They care for their students and learning takes place in a genuinely supportive atmosphere where each and every student is valued.


  We celebrate diversity and the unique potential of every student. The school ensures a happy, safe and caring environment where each member of the school community feels acknowledged and respected.


  We promote a climate of respect, care and support and encourage students to appreciate their own worth, and that of others, so that each can develop to his or her full potential. There is a strong emphasis on nurturing positive relationships between staff and students as well as establishing strong and active partnerships between school, home and community sources.


  We attempt to provide educational experiences that will enable our students to become secure, successful and fully.


1.Roll Call.

2.Check homework diary for any absences/teacher/parent comments.

3.Check uniforms.

4.       Remind students of all school regulations - in particular emphasise:

(a)      Enter and exit school through side doors. Front door is to be used by staff only.

(b)     No loitering in toilet/corridors etc.  Toilet use should be confined to breaks.

(c)      All food to be consumed only in An Lár at morning break / lunchtime.

(d)     Use the litter bins. Encourage students to keep all areas litter-free.  Emphasise our Green Policy.

(e)     All students who possess lockers should be reminded that access to lockers is only allowed at the following times:

  • Before 8.55am
  • 11.00 – 11.15am
  • 1.00– 1.40pm
  • After 3.40pm

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