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Student Council

Students of Davis College elect a representative council that liaises with and advises the Principal on various issues. This council provides students with meaningful opportunities to take responsibility and to show leadership and initiative on matters of concern.


The Student Council is a representative structure for students only, through which they can become involved in the affairs of the school, working in partnership with school management, staff and parents for the benefit of the school and its students.


Our student council works with a teacher (Mr. Sheehan), who is the link person between students and staff and management within the school. 


Student Council 2012/2013

Student Council Officers


Chairperson:  Barry O Neill

Deputy Chairperson:  Alan Walsh

Secretary: Sandra O Brien

Treasurer:  Jessica Curtin

Public Relations: Denis O Neill



Katie Sheehan

Dylan Hughes

Clodagh Kiely

Colin Roche

Lykeisha Brown Flynn

Patrick Geaney

Laurita Jasienskyte


Board of Management Rules relating to Student Council

These rules are drawn up by the Board of Management under the Education Act 1998 Part V, Section 27, Subsections (1) to (6)

Davis College, Mallow. 21st Jan 2003

 1.Council members to be elected from each year group. The number of members representing each year group to be as follow:  First year, 2 members. Second year, 2 members. Third  year, 2 members, Fourth Year, 1 member. Fifth, 4 members, 6th Year, 4 members.

 The above allocation of representative members may be reviewed by the principal and modified if experience, if is/her opinion, suggests it.

Members are elected for one year.

2.The principal may nominate members to the Student Council to achieve a more equitable gender balance or for any other reason that he regards as helpful to fulfilling the aims of the Student Council as set out under Subsection (4) of the Act.

3.The principal shall appoint a member as president to preside over Student Council meetings. The president shall fulfil the normal duties of a chairperson. The term of officethe president shall be decided by the principal.

4.The Student Council members shall elect a secretary and a treasurer.  The secretary shall keep a written record of meetings.  The treasurer shall be responsible for the finances of the Student Council and shall keep a written account of income and expenditure.  Other officers may be elected as the Student Council, in consultation with the principal, sees fit.

5.The Board of Management may dissolve the Student Council if it is of the opinion that the said Council is not fulfilling its role as set out in Subsection (4) of the Act

6.The board of Management may remove a member from the Student Council. The Board of Management may debar a student from standing for election for the Student Council. Either of the above courses of action should only be taken on the informed advice of the principal where a case of serious misconduct has occurred.

7.The Student Council may draw up a set of rules, in consultation with the Board of Management, governing its meetings and the conduct of its affairs.

8.Two representatives from each class group to be appointed to represent the views of their class group to the Student Council. These representatives to be elected or appointed by whatever system is decided by the principal.





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