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The 10k Mind Your Body Run is launched!!

Davis College House System launched their 'Mind Your Buddy' 10 km run in aid of Pieta House on Tuesday the 5th of March. To the delight of the students, special guests on the day were Minister Sean Sherlock and Operation Transformation contestent Deirdre Hosford. Both complimented the students on their innovative approach to tackling the issues of depression and suicide. Their 10k Run will be held in Doneraile Park on March 15th with all proceeds going to Pieta House.
The race will be opened by Joan Freeman, CEO of Pieta House, Jim Breen (Secret Millionaire) and Minister Sean Sherlock who will also participate in the run. The race will begin at 11am and support from the local community is welcome.


 The Four Houses Of Davis College















House emblems were designed by Davis College Students Krystian Wisniewski, Natalia Pudrzynska and Patrick Geaney. 

This new initiative establishes cross-sectional peer groups where social, sporting and academic success and effort is rewarded. Pupils are initially assigned to houses randomly with the aim of balancing the houses based on the social and emotional needs of the student and to ensure proper peer mentoring is enhanced with the right fit of students within a house. However, once a pupil has been assigned to a house, any younger siblings he or she has may automatically become members of that house when they arrive at the school. This over time will help to develop the traditions and ethos of each house. This model is established in a number of schools internationally as a valuable means of enabling students to develop an affinity with the school and a sense of fellowship and belonging with a group.


The House System is a new initiative in Davis College, aimed at developing collegial feeling and social connection even further. Every incoming student is placed in one of four houses (Lugh, Morrigan, MacLir and Danu) based on either random selection, or whether they previously had siblings within these houses. The House System helps create a sense of community and belonging for all students, it rewards students for social, academic, creative or sporting endeavours as well as allowing for peer mentoring across the school.

Click on the links below to view the Davis College House System Tee-Shirts and view a powerpoint presentation on the House System.



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