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The Student Enrichment Programme intends to promote and further academic attainment, social interaction and broaden the skill set of the highest achievers at Davis College. It facilitates the participation in higher level academic and social experiences, as well as developing key skills to a standard of excellence, including public speaking, debating, problem-solving, advanced literacy and numeracy, creative writing, scientific methodologies and life skills, among many others. Within this programme, furthering key skills is achieved through the participation in specific events throughout the years both inside and outside the classroom. This includes extended higher order work set by teachers, organisation and active participation in the Model United Nations programme and the organisation and participation in events both at Davis College and at third level such as conferences, debates, roundtables, guest speaking, publication of work, exhibitions, discussion of current affairs, etc. These enrichment activities will focus on meaningful learning and effective learning outcomes. They include resource based learning (training students on how to find their own sources of information); supported self-study (self-discovery supported by a study guide); role-play (involving careful research of the area to be presented); debating (always using informed judgements and relevant points); oral presentations (considered use of language forms, vocabulary and recognition of target audience); poster and video making, interviews, reviews (useful gathering of opinions and perspectives about books, films, newspaper and scientific articles), scientific articles and essays (to be published in the Davis College scientific journal). Experiential learning is at the heart of the Student Enrichment Programme. This involves more than just the activity in itself; it includes planning, acting, observing and reflecting. Through participation in higher-order activities and experiences, this programme enables students to enhance their personal and interpersonal development through experiential learning. At the same time, it provides an important counter balance to the academic pressures of the traditional educational programme. Therefore, this programme is both challenging and enjoyable, a personal journey of self-discovery.

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Principal: Mr. Denis Healy
Deputy Principal: Mr. Gerard O'Sullivan
Address: Summerhill, Mallow, Co Cork
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