Frequently Asked Questions

What is the School Day?   

Students attend a forty-five period school week during the academic year in Davis College. 

  • Period 1: 9.00 – 9.40
  • Period 2: 9.40 – 10.20
  • Period 3: 10.20 – 11.00
  • Break: 11.00 – 11.15
  • Period 4: 11.15 - 11.50
  • Period 5: 11.50 – 12.25
  • Period 6: 12.25 – 1.00
  • Lunch Break: 1.00 – 1.40
  • Period 7: 1.40 – 2.20
  • Period 8: 2.20 – 3.00
  • Period 9: 3.00 – 3.35         

What is the school uniform?

  • Maroon Crested Jumper (Philips Bookshop, Mallow)
  • Grey Shirt (can be any brand)
  • Grey Trousers/Skirt (can be any brand)
  • Girls Skirt (Philips Bookshop Mallow)
  • Black Shoes (Boat shoes similar to Dubarry in Navy or tan are also acceptable for both boys and girls. 
  • School jacket- We strongly recommend the purchasing of a school jacket. These are bought directly from the manufacturer and are ordered in April for delivery in September. These jackets represent value for money costing €45. 

It is advisable to retain a spare set of trousers or skirt in case one needs repair/ cleaning. Hoodies are not permitted under any circumstances.

Is there specified PE gear? 

No. Students can wear whatever PE gear they wish as long as it is appropriate. 

What about jewelry?

The wearing of facial jewelry, including earrings of any sort for boys, and nose and eyebrow piercings, is strictly forbidden. The wearing of visible tongue piercings or of multiple earrings on one ear is not permitted for any student.  

What do I do if my son/daughter is ill? 

  1. Ring the morning before school and let us know
  2. Provide a note in the journal on the day the student returns to school

What if my son/daughter needs to leave school early?

This situation arises for everyone at some stage. 1. If there is a planned event, write a note in the school journal which the student will present to the Deputy Principal. Ideally come and collect your son/daughter and sign them out of the school.  2. If the event is unplanned, simply arrive at the school and your son/daughter will be got for you and sign them out of the school

What is the situation with mobile phones?

Mobile phones are not allowed in the building, before, during or after school. On occasion teachers may decide to use phones as an educational tool and this will be flagged to students beforehand. Any student who needs to contact home is free to use the school phone. Any parent who needs to contact their children can do so via the main office. 

Where can my son/daughter store their belongings? 

All students are provided with decent sized lockers. All books and valuables should be stored in these. We advise against bringing large sums of money or high value items to school such as phones. head phones etc. 

How do I know what is happening in the school .e.g. early closures etc.? 

At the start of every year you will receive a school calendar outlining the key events taking place throughout the year. In many cases you will receive reminder texts of events relevant to your children. On the rare occasion when an unexpected event may cause school closure or partial closure you will be contacted by text.

In the case of school reports, these will be issued in November, January and early March (exam classes) and June. It is hoped you will also be able to access these on the VS Ware system. 

Is there anyone I can contact if I have concerns? 

Of course! You are never on your own and there are always staff on hand to assist you. If in any doubt please contact Pat Healy who is our Home School Community Liaison Teacher. He has daily contact with the Principal, Deputy Principal, Year Heads and Class Tutors and is also a member of the Student Support Team. 

Most issues can be addressed by the Class Tutors or Year Heads -Both deal with any concerns around student behaviour, student progress, bullying, medical issues, personal issues e.g. death in a family etc. They will also arrange for students to be referred on to the Guidance Counselors.  

Guidance Counselors: We currently have two Guidance Counselors on staff.  They have a dual role. In the first instance they deal with advice around careers and subject options. They are available to both students and parents to discuss such issues. Guidance counselors also provide a counselling service to students who are struggling in school or in life generally. The service is adequate for most situations but is not an alternative to professional counselling which some students may require on occasion.  

School Completion Programme (SCP) Coordinator: Sometimes children struggle to cope with school. This can be for a variety of reasons ranging from academic ability to lack of organisational skills to lack of interest etc. The SCP programme works with students in an effort to make school a more manageable place for them. 

How do the buses work? 

Parents need to apply for a bus ticket in March/April to get a ticket for September. Buses from outlying areas drop students in the square in Mallow. Davis College students are provided with a shuttle bus which brings them from the square to the school. In the afternoon the shuttle bus will return students to the square in time for the regional buses to transport them home. 

What is after school study? 

Students can opt to remain in school and be supervised as they complete homework or study. Study operates from 4.00pm to 6.00pm Monday to Thursday. After school study is administered by the SCP Programme and there is a cost involved and this is paid on a termly basis. As the year progresses, study is provided during mid term breaks and on Saturday mornings.