TY is designed to act as a bridge between the Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate programmes. It is available to all second-level schools and currently some 550 schools offer the programme. In Davis College TY is mandatory for students. Each school designs its own Transition Year programme, within set guidelines, to suit the needs and interests of its students. In theory Leaving Certificate material is not to be covered but it is impossible for students not to practice and develop skills that will assist them enormously in their Leaving Certificate. In Davis College TY is made up of five parts :

Core Subjects: Irish, English. Maths, PE, Religion

Optional Subjects: there are a full range of option subjects available and students choose their options on entry to TY. Students choose subjects prior to Transition Year but can change freely up to Christmas in TY.  

Modules: These are non exam subjects and offer an alternative from the traditional academic subjects. Modules vary from year to year with staff introducing new innovations all the time. Modules include subjects such as Car Maintenance, Robotics, Geology, Mini Company, ETwinning,Political Studies, Photography, Kick Boxing etc. 

Careers: There is a strong focus on careers in Transition Year. Students get the opportunity to attend College open days, careers exhibitions and so on. They also have two weeks of work experience over the course of the year as well a Career Guidance Class. 

Additional Activities: Other activities to take place in TY include French Exchange, School Tour, MUN trip to Lisbon, Young Scientist, Mini Companies, Model United Nations, Young Social Innovator etc. Fun activities are also built into the year with trips to driving centres, go karting and so on.   

School ToursItaly 2018

 Amsterdam 2017