Work Process

Achieving these goals will include the development of material to be used by the students. The development, implementation and testing of new methodologies will serve to further increase the standards across all curricula.

Students will be exposed to modern technology in use in the classroom and will explore ways in which to further their own learning, working in both individual and team basis, increasing their social skills. Resources will also be created by the teachers for the teachers.

In modern day society, the teaching methodologies enacted in today's classrooms are becoming more and more advanced. The partners in the project see huge benefits in the sharing and adaptation of current teaching methodologies and pedagogical approaches, as well as the creation, development, implementation and testing of new teaching and learning strategies.

About the project

The project "Teaching Methods on the Move" is a cooperation of 5 secondary schools in 5 different countries. The project involves more then 250 pupils aged between 14 and 19, with about 50 teachers. "Teaching Methods on the Move" focuses on the use of ICT in all areas of school life, varying from actual teaching methods to how the administration of the school can be improved through the use of ICT.


The project aims at using the pupils prior knowledge of modern technology and how this can impact on the classroom environment. The motivation for this project is for schools to share their teaching and learning models with other schools, finding common ground and difference, and will see the schools collaborate to develop, implement and test new teaching methodologies and strategies for use in the classrooms of all participating schools.  

Expected results

This project will allow the partner schools to get an insight into the teaching and learning practices of the schools in each of the participating countries, allowing teachers to bring new ideas into their classroom, which will result in increased enthusiasm and motivation from staff and students alike, raising standards across the curriculum. It will involve the sharing of ideas and pedagogical approaches to teaching and learning from similar and different cultures as well as the development and testing of new teaching methodologies and pedagogical strategies for use in the classroom. Through this project, we would hope to see evidence that ICT when used effectively in the school environment, has a positive effect on both student, teacher and the wider school environment. Pupils should also demonstrate ICT skills as a direct result of the transnational collaboration of activities.