What is the School Day? Students attend a forty-two period school week during the academic year in Davis College. School Day Morning 9.00 - 10.20 - classes  10.20-10.30
School Uniform   In Davis College we have a school uniform which consists of Wine crested jumper Grey shirt and Grey trousers for both boys and girls/grey
Parent's Association The school has a Parent's Association that is open to any parent to be involved in. The Association meets on three to four occasion
Transition Year Subject Choice We ask our TY students to choose subject prior to beginning the year. This is after a meeting with Guidance Counsellors
Access to the School Bus Service Davis College has a bus service to the door of the school. Shuttle buses bring students from the town directly to the
Way2Pay Davis College operates a cashless system of payments. We favour this as it eliminates all dangers associated with cash. We are moving to being
School Book Scheme The College operates a book rental scheme for all Junior and Leaving Certificate students. Under this scheme students can rent all
Dec 21
Christmas Holidays
Jan 10
1st Year Parent Teacher Meeting 4.15-6.30
Jan 23
Pre exams
Jan 30
Pre exams
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