State Exams and School Reopening

State Exams and School Reopening

Information on State Exams, Return to School & Online Learning


Letter to Parent from HSE re Covid Case General Letter to Parents 26052021.pdf


Opportunity to study Polish Polish.pdf


6th Year Advice Sheet Points of Reflection and Tips Sheet for 6th years over summer 2021.pdf


Letter to LC Parents/Guardians re School Graduation Graduation letter.pdf


Information on the reopening of the exam portal from Tuesday 27th April Candidate Self Service Portal- Before You Start Guide Phase 2 2021.pdf


Letter for Parents of 1st to 4th years.pdf

Return to school form word format: School Return to Learning Form.docx

Return to school form PDF format: School Return to Learning Form.pdf

A guide for Leaving Cert parents on navigating the final term


Letter to Parents/Guardians re Oral exams Letter to parents re Oral Exams


Link to information and registration for Leaving Cert talk March 18 - Navigating the Final Term of Leaving Cert '21.pdf


School Guide to Junior Cycle Assessment Junior Cert Assessment 2021.pdf

Subject Choice: TY Options 2021-22.docx


Video guide to portal

Student portal - 'Before You Start Guide' EV - Student Portal Before You Start Guide 2021 FINAL.pdf

Accredited Grade Information - 2021 LC&Accredited Grades Short Info for Students and Parents.pdf


5th Year School Return

5th Year Return to school.pdf

Student declaration form - students cannot access school without this declaration form x

Parent Guide to school return March 2021

Link to Further information on the return to school


Additional details on Leaving Cert exams

Department Circular 07/21

Summary Dept. Circular 07/21


Guide to accredited grades Guide to State Examinations and Accredited Grades - 25 Feb 2021.pdf

Summary of the guide: Summary of guide to State exams.pdf

Letter from Deputy Chief Medical Officer Letter from DCMO to schools 260221.pdf

24/2/21 - update on return to school for 6th years and LCA 2 Feb 24th LC letter Return to school.pdf

22/2/21 - Update on Leaving Cert. results for parents JC Letter 22nd Feb.pdf

22/2/21 - Update on Leaving Cert. results for parents LC letter 22nd Feb 2021.pdf

18/2/21 - Letter to parents re Leaving Cert Leaving Cert Letter Feb 18th.pdf

18/2/21 - Letter to parents re Junior Cert Junior Cert Letter Feb 18th.pdf

14/2/21- Educational partners are meeting to discuss plans for June exams -awaiting information on plans for the Leaving/Junior Certificate exams

14/2/21- Our plans for the Pre Exams remains the same as there has been no change to the holding of state exams at this stage- assuming the June exams will take place we intend to hold Leaving Cert. pre exams approximately 8 days after return to school. Irish, English and Maths will be held in school time, all other exams will be offered after school in a supervised environment. Junior Cert exams can continue to be held in school time. These are provisional arrangement and subject to change depending on decisions made by the Department of Education.

Resources on supporting your child during the current lockdown Supporting your child during lockdown.pdf

What to expect from online learning? What to expect from Online Teaching & Learning.pdf

Update from State Exams Commission Jan 14th State Examinations Commission 14.docx

Letter from the Minister for Education Jan12th Letter for parents EN.docx

Please see link below regarding guidelines for online learning and behaviour Information Note for Parents/Students Jan 2021.pdf

Google Classroom can be accessed via PSP4 and XBOX

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