Covid 19 Updates and Information 4th May

Covid 19 Updates and Information 4th May

Davis College Daily Updates

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Please see arrangements for Junior Cycle Assessments

Davis College Junior Certificate Assessments (2).pdf

Summer Assessments. 1st/2nd/4th/5th Years pdf

Examination fees 30/4/2020

State Examinations Commission announced today April 30th that

The closing date for payment of the Leaving Cert examination fee is being extended until after the exams are complete and the results has issued.

Junior Certificate/Cycle Fees : Students will not be required to pay an examination fees to the SEC in relation to the 2020 Junior Cycle examinations, the SEC will be issuing a refund to all students who have already paid. There is no need to contact the State Examinations Commission as refunds will be made automatically.

Update from Department of Education and Union discussions April 13th re Leaving Cert

  • School Up May 31st - online
  • Two week break for everyone
  • 1 months where teachers are available to 6th year students online - not teaching but consulting with students/answering queries etc.
  • Mid July: 2 weeks of school - unclear what is to be done in these two weeks possibly sorting project work along with face to face teaching
  • End of July: Exams run by the State Exams Commission

Full Statement from TUI

April 10th 2020

Leaving Cert Exams postponed until Late July/Early August - details to follow

Junior Cert Exams replaced by School based exams to be held in the new school year - details to follow

Dept. of Education Press Release April 10th 2020

Frequently asked questions about delay of Leaving Certificate

School Competitions

Link to Easter Competitions Easter Competitions

Keep Track of our winning entries here Link to winning entries

General News

April 2nd: State exam to go ahead says Taoiseach

Schools closed until after Easter and state exams going ahead : March 24th Department statement re exams and schools

Press release re Covid 19 March 24th

Relaxation techniques Department of Education

School building closed from March 25th in line with Government guidelines

Guide for parents in supporting students at home guide-for-parents-supporting-children.pdf

Contacting the School

1. The school phone is attended each day. If you have a query please either ring 086 0137108 or email outside of hours Please be patient as we do not always have the answers in what is an unprecedented time in our country. However, we guarantee that we will endeavour to answer your query as soon as information comes to hand.

2. The school website has a 'Updates' page and this is reviewed each day morning and evening.

3. If you download our free school app. the updates page can be accessed via this app. To download the app simply go to your app store and search for 'iclasscms' and follow the instructions from there.

4. Information about Covid 19 in a range of different languages Covid 19 information in different languages

5. Teachers are predominantly communicating with students via school email and Google classroom and Google Meet. If a student requires a school email or is having problems with accessing school email, please contact the school either via email or on 086 0137108 and we will rectify this as soon as possible.

Students not sure how to submit material to Google classroom! see

Student Advice and Resources

Organising your Day - a guide for all students

1. Some students may struggle with the lack of structure - one option is to follow your school timetable and do forty minutes of study followed by a 2/3 minute break. - see our study page under Academic Excellence or go straight to SQ3R 40 minute study technique

2. Another option is to create your own timetable and there is an Interactive and downloadable timetable on this site: Downloadable timetable

Exam Students

Remember this is not a holiday and students across Ireland will take this opportunity to get quality study done - don't be left behind.

Any updated information regarding state exams-practicals, project deadlines etc. will be posted on this site under School Notifications and a text sent home to alert students and parents of it

Please disregard any rumours and gossip you may hear about exams-we will you inform you officially of everything once we ourselves are informed


As the Covid 19 crisis has deepened, various companies have given free access to their textbooks online. Information and passwords to access these are available by clicking on the link below.

Click on the links below for more information:

Accessing Folens and Edco ebooks for free free books :

Fallon's books

Not sure of the name of the textbooks - email

Study resources & Subject resources

General Study advice and resources.docx

Specific Subject Resources and Websites.docx

Educational Sites that may be of use:

State Exams Commission-organise all state exams for schools- orals/practicals/written exams

Scoilnet which has a range of resources for students in all subjects:

Department of Education:

Student Mental Health

Useful tips to all regarding minding your mental health during this time of uncertainty: Minding your Mental Health

Our Guidance Counsellors, App teacher HSCL & SCP staff are all available to you - just contact the school

The PE department have some good ideas on home exercise, workouts and mindfulness Exercise, workouts and mindfulness ideas

Oral and Practicals scheduled for before Easter Cancelled, Deadlines Changed

Department Announcement : Cancellation of Oral and Practical Exams and Deadline Changes

Summary of the Announcement :Summary of the Letter cancelling Oral and Practical exam and Deadline Changes.pdf

Press release from State Exams: Press release from state exams

Frequently Asked Questions about the cancellation of Orals etc. : State Exams frequently asked questions

School Tours

School tours to Barcelona and Porto are very unlikely to go ahead and we are working to recoup costs at present.

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