The motivation for this project is for schools to share their wellbeing models with other schools, finding common ground and differences, and will see the schools collaborate to develop, implement and test new strategies for use in all the participating schools. This will include the development of material to be used by the students.

            This project will allow the partner schools to get an insight into tools and techniques used for wellbeing which will result in increased enthusiasm and motivation from staff and students alike, raising standards across the curriculum. This positive influence will also see the students become more engaged with the curriculum, no matter what country they are in.

        This will result in the students becoming higher order critical thinkers, responsible for their own future learning and wellbeing when they progress on to further or higher education.


To investigate 

  • - How is pre- school operated in other countries as regard play, fun, collaboration, sport and exercise.
  • - Do these countries find benefits from their pre-school activities as the pupil reaches teenage years.
  • - Improving student motivation and addressing obesity and lack of exercise.
  • - Diet and its effects on education and well being.
  • - Sport and exercise and its affects on education.
  • - Wellbeing and professional development of all       teachers.
  • - Teaching approaches and methods, inside and outside the classroom.
  • - The cultural differences related to sport, exercise, well being and mental health in Scandinavian countries.
  • - Similarities and differences between countries.