In Davis College we believe students should be helped to lead healthy lives and to look after their physical fitness. Therefore, we place a strong emphasis on the importance of physical fitness recognizing its value socially and in imparting values such as teamwork, discipline, motivation, preparation and setting goals. It also has a positive impact on mental health. To assist students in living healthy lives we also engage in the following:

Healthy food promoting Canteen: 'Get Fresh' catering company operate a full canteen service in the school. All meals are prepared onsite using healthy locally sourced produce with a firm focus on healthy eating. No fizzy drinks/chocolate/sweets/crisps are available. Instead we offer fruit, muffins (reduced sugar) scones and a range of healthy hot lunches (chicken curry, shepard's pie, pasta dishes etc)and sandwiches. All healthy lunches/sandwiches are priced at €1 to promote healthy eating.  

'Just for the Health of it': A healthy lifestyle-themed week is held each year to focus attention on lifestyle choices. ‘Just for the health of it’ involves a range of activities and projects based on healthy eating and fitness programmes. 

Cooking classes:  All students are provided with cooking classes to show them how to cook simple, healthy meals. A qualified nutritionist and dietician is employed to advise students on healthy eating and lifestyle issues.

Personal programmes: These are devised as appropriate on request Motivational speakers: To encourage pupils to fulfil their potential to the best of their ability we engage motivational speakers. Previous speakers have included the figures behind the hugely successful “Cully and Sully” food brand as well as Sean Gallagher of Dragon’s Den fame.