Subject Choice


Students indicate their subject preference before Easter. A subject options form will be distributed and students should number 1-5 the subjects they most want to study. Between September and Christmas of 4th year students have the opportunity to change subjects. However, the more thought and effort put into subject choice at this stage the less likelihood of being unhappy next year. 

Can you take up a subject in 4th year that you have never studied before??     Maybe!!

Some students are talented artists, woodworkers, metalworkers, musicians etc. Such talented students may well be able to pick up a subject in 4th year. Equally, subjects like Business, History, Geography are manageable to students who have an interest in the area and who are willing to work at it. It would be fair to say that languages are difficult to pick up in 4th year unless you are linguistically inclined. 

 Subject Choice

1. You and your son/daughter know what they like and dislike as well as what they are good at. If they like a subject they are more likely to work at it. 

2. Consider what kind of career area they are thinking of. Look to their hobbies and interests for ideas 

3. Once you have identified a career area find out what are the main required subjects for that career areas and investigate what subjects may be helpful to that career area- Get the student to ask the guidance counsellor or make an appointment to meet the Guidance Counsellor yourself.  

For many courses in NUI (National University of Ireland) Colleges a foreign language is required. However, a foreign language is no longer necessary for Science, Nursing and  Engineering courses . 

In non NUI Colleges there is no language requirement unless it is a requirement of a particular course e.g. International Business with German which is offered in University of Limerick